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Apartment Owner

CASA Ches'nut is constantly looking for new property owners and providers of serviced apartments with good properties that can meet our requirements to cater to our Corporate or holiday clients.

We are in constant need of some good properties due to constant increase in demand from our customers or corporate clients. We prefer taking up properties under our wings from the interested property owners and help them earn and also keep their properties in the best of the condition.

Further, we are always keen to discuss opportunities for you to benefit from CASA CHES'NUT's Property Management and Marketing expertise.

What can CASA Ches'nut offer its property partners?

How do I become a CASA CHES'NUT Partner?

In order to qualify for our criteria you need to have:

A property at a good location from the tourist or traveller point of view.

Property Owners

Service Apartments operators

If you meet the above criteria, please contact CASA Ches'nut Tel: +91-9815494000

CHES'NUT will then undertake a detailed quality review to determine whether the apartments are of sufficient standard and quality to be included in our portfolio.