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Advantage of Services Apartments

Staying away from home has become an inevitable part of  life whether in leisure or on a business  travel. A survey  proved that a  majority of  people who remain on the travel mode  consider  accommodation on the basis of   location, price and, interestingly, room size as their first priority.

So what are the benefits of choosing a serviced apartment to a hotel?


We are located  suitably for holiday and leisure travellers. Our locations give a feeling complete of laid back life but you are at a stone throw to the Local life. You can stay like a local. Go buying grocery like a local. Our apartments are often located within close proximity to shops and areas of urban development, so a traveller has the convenience of local amenities right on their doorstep. You have a address to call your  friends, home delivery etc. Although our customer care officer is always eager  to give a  helping hand always.


When it comes to price, you get a lot more value with a serviced apartment. Our  serviced apartment will not only deliver the comfort of a hotel  but we provide amenities above those of a hotel, such as a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, micro wave  to name a few.

No Tipping: Our service apartment is your home with no custom of tipping the wide eyed staff who look towards you on each breath you take.

No Mini Bar expenses: While in a hotel you run on shoe string budget even while ordering you drink or using the price labelled mini bar. while in our apartment you  uplift your mood by enjoying the market best and pamper yourself and your family with paying the hotel price and taxes.

No Laundry expenses: Each apartment has a washing machine. so stay clean and fresh all time and this is a very good, particle and economical for our long stay guests.

Not just a Room

Everybody has different modes  of relaxing and why not after a long day of  activities or work you need to unwind your way. A service apartment is always 650 sqft+ which is 3 times a hotel room. it consists 3 to 5 rooms + the balconies. Unlike hotels that generally provide the guest with a single room consisting of a bed, desk and TV, a serviced apartment is space to relax in with an entire apartment. The guests can unwind in the living area on the sofa, cook a meal and retire to a separate bedroom for a decent night’s sleep.

Live Like a Local

You can live like a local. Shop in their shops, hang out in their cafes, drink in their bars and the must-see streets, the best spots for dining out and the hidden gems that the locals don’t want you to know about. then simply go home, open your front door – step into your apartment and live.

Pay for the Apartment not the people

When you take up our service apartments you pay for the complete apartment and not for a Room or a bed. Our Guests can entertain their guests or hold meeting in the apartments. Our staff will be eager to help you with all your requirements with any extra cost to it. For staying our apartments can accommodate update :

Different locations same service

Laws of nature can be the same but non of its creature and flora fauna are the same. So why should you stay each time with the same experience. The uniqueness of our Apartments are that we are located in different locations. You keep on coming to us to experience the new with same standards of service.